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  Kawasaki Takashi
   Department   School of Medicine  Anesthesiology, Clinical Medical Sciences
■ Journal
1. journal article  Evaluation of laparoscopic-guided rectus sheath block in gynecologic laparoscopy: A prospective, double-blind randomized trial. 2019/02 Link
2. journal article  The neurosteroid allopregnanolone sulfate inhibits Nav1.3 α subunit-containing voltage-gated sodium channels, expressed in Xenopus oocytes. 2018/05 Link
3. journal article  Antidepressants inhibit Nav1.3, Nav1.7, and Nav1.8 neuronal voltage-gated sodium channels more potently than Nav1.2 and Nav1.6 channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes. 2017/12 Link
■ Present specialized field
■ Business career
1. 2015/06~ School of Medicine Clinical Medical Sciences Anesthesiology