Fujimoto Naohiro
   Department   School of Medicine  Urology, Clinical Medical Sciences
Article types review
Language English
Peer review Non peer reviewed
Title Current and future status of prostate cancer chemoprevention.
Journal Formal name:Expert review of anticancer therapy
Abbreviation:Expert Rev Anticancer Ther
ISSN code:17448328/14737140
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Volume, Issue, Page 6(1),59-71頁
Author and coauthor Fujimoto Naohiro, Nomura Masayoshi, Matsumoto Tetsuro
Publication date 2006/01
Summary Prostate cancer remains one of the most common malignancies in Western countries and is also increasing in Asian countries. The high incidence, influence of environmental factors, such as androgen, and extended natural history of prostate cancer provide multiple opportunities for prevention; therefore prostate cancer is an ideal candidate for chemoprevention. The development of chemoprevention strategies against prostate cancer would have a huge impact, both medically and economically. Large-scale clinical trials suggest that some agents can prevent the development of prostate cancer. Active research into chemoprevention is ongoing and gathered evidence will provide effective and safe strategies to prevent prostate cancer. This review will highlight the present status of prostate cancer chemoprevention and other mechanisms of prevention, as well as discussing the issues to be addressed.
DOI 10.1586/14737140.6.1.59
PMID 16375645