Fujimoto Naohiro
   Department   School of Medicine  Urology, Clinical Medical Sciences
Article types case reports
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title An Effective Case for Chyluria by Retroperitoneoscopic Lymphatic Disconnection.
Journal Formal name:Journal of endourology case reports
Abbreviation:J Endourol Case Rep
ISSN code:/23799889
Volume, Issue, Page 2(1),78-80頁
Author and coauthor Tomisaki Ikko, Hamasuna Ryoichi, Fujimoto Naohiro
Publication date 2016/04
Summary BACKGROUND:Chyluria is a rare disease in Japan. Lymphatic disconnection is the most effective treatment for patients with Chyluria, and laparoscopic approach is performed as a minimally invasive technique.CASE PRESENTATION:We present a case of a 40-year-old man who referred to our hospital because of recurrence of chyluria. Chyluria had continued for 20 years, and the patient had received retrograde instillations of silver nitrate three times. The patient underwent retroperitoneoscopic nephrolympholysis, and the chyluria disappeared immediately. One year after surgery, chyluria has not recurred.CONCLUSION:We treated a patient with chyluria by performing retroperitoneoscopic lymphatic disconnection and this procedure is less invasive and easy to perform.
DOI 10.1089/cren.2016.0044
PMID 27579424