Okada Yosuke
   Department   School of Medicine  Internal Medicine(1), Clinical Medical Sciences
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Title The Effects of Mitiglinide and Repaglinide on Postprandial Hyperglycemia in Patients Undergoing Methylprednisolone Pulse Therapy.
Journal Formal name:Internal medicine (Tokyo, Japan)
Abbreviation:Intern Med
ISSN code:13497235/09182918
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Volume, Issue, Page 57(1),65-70頁
Author and coauthor Tanaka Kenichi, Okada Yosuke, Mori Hiroko, Torimoto Keiichi, Arao Tadashi, Tanaka Yoshiya
Publication date 2018/04
Summary One adverse effect of methylprednisolone (MP) pulse therapy is an acute dose-dependent increase in the blood glucose level. Five patients with thyroid ophthalmopathy but normal glucose tolerance received MP pulse therapy (3 cycles, 3 days/week) and were assessed by continuous glucose monitoring. Steroid therapy increased the mean sensor glucose level, and all patients developed steroid-induced diabetes. The patients were treated alternately with mitiglinide (30 mg/day) and repaglinide (1.5 mg/day) during the second or third MP pulse therapy. The sensor glucose levels before lunch and dinner were more favorable during treatment with repaglinide than during treatment with mitiglinide. Repaglinide may be more clinically appropriate than mitiglinide.
DOI 10.2169/internalmedicine.9013-17
PMID 29021480