Okada Yosuke
   Department   School of Medicine  Internal Medicine(1), Clinical Medical Sciences
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Title Effects of linagliptin monotherapy compared with voglibose on postprandial blood glucose responses in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes: Linagliptin Study of Effects on Postprandial blood glucose (L-STEP).
Journal Formal name:Diabetes research and clinical practice
Abbreviation:Diabetes Res Clin Pract
ISSN code:18728227/01688227
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Volume, Issue, Page 121,146-156頁
Author and coauthor Fujitani Yoshio, Fujimoto Shimpei, Takahashi Kiyohito, Satoh Hiroaki, Hirose Takahisa, Hiyoshi Toru, Ai Masumi, Okada Yosuke, Gosho Masahiko, Mita Tomoya, Watada Hirotaka
Publication date 2016/11
Summary AIMS:To compare the efficacy on glycemic parameters between a 12-week administration of once-daily linagliptin and thrice-daily voglibose in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes.METHODS:In a multi-center, randomized, parallel-group study, 382 patients with diabetes were randomized to the linagliptin group (n=192) or the voglibose group (n=190). A meal tolerance test was performed at weeks 0 and 12. Primary outcomes were the change from baseline to week 12 in serum glucose levels at 2h during the meal tolerance test, HbA1c levels, and serum fasting glucose levels, which were compared between the 2 groups.RESULTS:Whereas changes in serum glucose levels at 2h during the meal tolerance test did not differ between the groups, the mean change in HbA1c levels from baseline to week 12 in the linagliptin group (-0.5±0.5% [-5.1±5.4mmol/mol]) was significantly larger than in the voglibose group (-0.2±0.5% [-2.7±5.4mmol/mol]). In addition, there was significant difference in changes in serum fasting glucose levels (-0.51±0.95mmol/L in the linagliptin group vs. -0.18±0.92mmol/L in the voglibose group, P<0.001). The incidences of hypoglycemia, serious adverse events (AEs), and discontinuations due to AEs were low and similar in both groups. However, gastrointestinal AEs were significantly lower in the linagliptin group (1.05% vs. 5.85%; P=0.01).CONCLUSIONS:These data suggested that linagliptin monotherapy had a stronger glucose-lowering effect than voglibose monotherapy with respect to HbA1c and serum fasting glucose levels, but not serum glucose levels 2h after the start of the meal tolerance test.
DOI 10.1016/j.diabres.2016.09.014
PMID 27710821