Kagami Seiji
   Department   School of Medicine  Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clinical Medical Sciences
Article types review
Language English
Peer review Non peer reviewed
Title Out-patient treatment for cancer patients at cancer chemotherapy centers in university hospitals.
Journal Formal name:Journal of UOEH
Abbreviation:J UOEH
ISSN code:0387821X/0387821X
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Volume, Issue, Page 27(4),359-365頁
Author and coauthor Uramoto Hidetaka, Iwashige Atsushi, Kagami Seiji, Narimatsu Megumi, Yamazaki Kayoko, Kabashima Misako, Kadota Tomoko, Shinohara Yoshitake, Ichiki Takaharu, Iwamoto Midori, Tsukada Junichi
Publication date 2005/12
Summary At present, one-third of people die of cancer and the number is still increasing in Japan. A safe and effective treatment system is critically required. Recently, the discovery of new drugs and the development of medical oncology promotes out-patient treatment for cancer patients. Out-patient treatment in the cancer chemotherapy center of the University of Occupational and Environmental Health Hospital has been started, and many chemotherapy regimens were verified in this center. Not only different organ-specific chemotherapies but also summarizing the oncology team are necessary for performance of the mission. We describe in this review the characteristics of the cancer chemotherapy center.
PMID 16358929