Imanishi Naoko
   Department   University Hospital  General Thoracic Surgery, Clinical Departments
Article types case reports
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Title Middle mediastinal thymic carcinoma with cystic findings in radiologic images: a case report.
Journal Formal name:Surgical case reports
Abbreviation:Surg Case Rep
ISSN code:/21987793
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Volume, Issue, Page 2(1),129頁
Author and coauthor Shinohara Shuichi, Kuroda Koji, Kuwata Taiji, Takenaka Masaru, Oka Soichi, Chikaishi Yasuhiro, Hirai Ayako, Imanishi Naoko, Tanaka Fumihiro
Publication date 2016/12
Summary BACKGROUND:Thymic carcinomas are usually detected in the anterior mediastinum. Thymic carcinoma occurring in the middle mediastinum and showing an image of a cyst is extremely rare.CASE PRESENTATION:A 64-year-old man with a middle mediastinal tumor detected incidentally by a CT scan was referred. Chest CT showed an entirely cystic mass in the middle mediastinum between the bilateral brachiocephalic vein and trachea. We resected the tumor completely in the right recurrent nerve because it had invaded the nerve. Immunohistochemical features showed a thymic carcinoma pattern. The final diagnosis was thymic squamous cell carcinoma occurring in the middle mediastinum.CONCLUSION:To our best knowledge, this is the first report of a thymic carcinoma occurring in the middle mediastinum, as demonstrated by histopathological findings with immunohistochemical features.
DOI 10.1186/s40792-016-0254-2
PMID 27822875