Nakano Yoshiteru
   Department   School of Medicine  Neurosurgery, Clinical Medical Sciences
Article types case reports
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Preoperative radiological evaluation and surgical strategy for the preservation of visual acuity in patients with skull base meningiomas--two case reports.
Journal Formal name:Journal of UOEH
Abbreviation:J UOEH
ISSN code:0387821X/0387821X
Volume, Issue, Page 33(3),217-23頁
Author and coauthor Yamamoto Junkoh, Takahashi Mayu, Nakano Yoshiteru, Saito Takeshi, Kitagawa Takehiro, Ueta Kunihiro, Miyaoka Ryo, Nishizawa Shigeru
Publication date 2011/09
Summary Two women aged 48 and 73 years, respectively, presented with unilateral visual disturbance. On admission, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an extraaxial mass in the parasellar region. Contrast-enhanced fast imaging with steady-state acquisition (CE-FIESTA) showed that the optic nerves were compressed and encased by the tumors. At an early stage of surgery, we performed decompression of the optic nerves to avoid optic nerve injury. Both the patients were relieved of visual disturbances without any postoperative neurological deficit. In conclusion, CE-FIESTA is a useful diagnostic tool for preoperative evaluation of the optic nerves in patients with skull base meningiomas. Decompression of the optic nerves should be performed at an early stage of surgery in meningioma patients presenting with visual disturbance.
PMID 21913378