Nakano Yoshiteru
   Department   School of Medicine  Neurosurgery, Clinical Medical Sciences
Article types journal article
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title Intratumoral hemorrhage because of primary spinal mixed germ cell tumor presenting with atypical radiological features in an adult.
Journal Formal name:The spine journal : official journal of the North American Spine Society
Abbreviation:Spine J
ISSN code:18781632/15299430
Volume, Issue, Page 13(10),e31-8頁
Author and coauthor Yamamoto Junkoh, Takahashi Mayu, Nakano Yoshiteru, Saito Takeshi, Kitagawa Takehiro, Ueta Kunihiro, Miyaoka Ryo, Nakamura Eiichiro, Nishizawa Shigeru
Publication date 2013/10
Summary BACKGROUND CONTEXT:Germ cell tumors are known to arise in the central nervous system, usually in the intracranial regions. However, primary spinal mixed germ cell tumors are extremely rare.PURPOSE:This is the first reported case of intratumoral hemorrhage because of a primary spinal mixed germ cell tumor consisting of germinoma and immature teratoma in the conus medullaris of an adult patient that presented with rapid changes on magnetic resonance image (MRI). We report this rare case and discuss the clinical manifestations of an intramedullary spinal mixed germ cell tumor in adult.STUDY DESIGN:A case report.METHODS:A 42-year-old woman experienced buttock numbness, and a spinal cord tumor was observed on the conus medullaris on MRI. The patient was scheduled for an operation in 1 month, but she developed sudden-onset neurologic deterioration. Rapid progression of the tumor was observed on follow-up MRI. The tumor was removed by emergency surgery and was identified as a primary mixed germinoma and immature teratoma.RESULTS:The patient received adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy after gross total resection. The neurologic deficit of the patient was relieved, and recurrence of the tumor was not observed 26 months after the surgery.CONCLUSIONS:We present this rare case and emphasize the necessity of precise diagnosis and early treatment of primary spinal germ cell tumor. Close observation on MRI is required after surgery, and adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy should be considered according to the pathologic features.
DOI 10.1016/j.spinee.2013.05.055
PMID 23953732