Hori Hikaru
   Department   School of Medicine  Psychiatry, Clinical Medical Sciences
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Title Risk factors for further sick leave among Japanese workers returning to work after an episode of major depressive disorder: a prospective follow-up study over 1 year.
Journal Formal name:BMJ open
Abbreviation:BMJ Open
ISSN code:20446055/20446055
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Volume, Issue, Page 9(9),e029705頁
Author and coauthor Hori Hikaru, Katsuki Asuka, Atake Kiyokazu, Yoshimura Reiji, Nakamura Jun, Baune Bernhard T
Publication date 2019/09
Summary OBJECTIVES:We aimed to investigate the risk factors for further sick leave episodes among Japanese workers returning to work after time off with a major depressive disorder.DESIGN:A prospective study with 1 year of follow-up.PARTICIPANTS:We recruited 103 workers who had returned to work after taking sick leave with a major depressive disorder. Adjusted HRs with 95% CIs were calculated using Cox proportional hazard models to examine the risk of further sick leave.RESULTS:In the adjusted analysis, we show that Social Adaptation Self-evaluation Scale scores (HR 0.95; p=0.019), 3-back correct response rate (N-back test) (HR 0.97; p<0.001) and benzodiazepine dosage (diazepam equivalent) (HR1.07; p=0.014) were associated with further episodes of sick leave.CONCLUSIONS:Poorer social and cognitive functioning, together with higher diazepam dosages, were associated with an increased likelihood of additional sick leave.
DOI 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-029705
PMID 31511285