Koi Chiho
   Department   University Hospital  Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clinical Departments
Article types journal article
Language English
Peer review Peer reviewed
Title The Relationship between Positive Peritoneal Cytology and the Prognosis of Patients with Uterine Cervical Cancer.
Journal Formal name:Acta cytologica
Abbreviation:Acta Cytol
ISSN code:00015547/00015547
Domestic / ForeginForegin
Publisher S. Karger AG
Volume, Issue, Page 59(2),201-206頁
Author and coauthor Kurita Tomoko, Matsuura Yusuke, Koi Chiho, Kagami Seiji, Kawagoe Toshinori, Hachisuga Toru
Publication date 2015/06
Summary OBJECTIVE:We investigated the association of positive peritoneal cytology with prognosis in uterine cervical cancer.STUDY DESIGN:We reviewed the medical records and cytologic materials of 225 Japanese patients with FIGO IB1-IVB uterine cervical cancer who had undergone surgery at our University Hospital between 1993 and 2012. Univariate and multivariate regression analyses were performed for statistical analysis.RESULTS:Positive peritoneal cytology was noted in 6 of 225 patients (2.7%). Positive peritoneal cytology was found in 4 of 149 patients (2.6%) with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and in 2 of 70 patients (2.8%) with non-SCC (p = 0.9434). The 5-year survival rate of patients with positive peritoneal cytology was significantly lower than that of patients with negative cytology (50 vs. 84.6%, p = 0.001) in univariate survival analysis. However, peritoneal cytology no longer remained significant in multivariate analysis.CONCLUSION:Although we conclude that positive peritoneal cytology in uterine cervical cancer is a poor prognostic factor, further investigation and multi-institutional studies are necessary.
DOI 10.1159/000382068
PMID 25997983