Mori Masataka
   Department   University Hospital  General Thoracic Surgery, Clinical Departments
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Title Alteration in tumoural PD-L1 expression and stromal CD8-positive tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes after concurrent chemo-radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer.
Journal Formal name:British journal of cancer
Abbreviation:Br J Cancer
ISSN code:15321827/00070920
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Volume, Issue, Page 121(6),490-496頁
Author and coauthor Yoneda Kazue, Kuwata Taiji, Kanayama Masatoshi, Mori Masataka, Kawanami Toshinori, Yatera Kazuhiro, Ohguri Takayuki, Hisaoka Masanori, Nakayama Toshiyuki, Tanaka Fumihiro
Publication date 2019/09
Summary BACKGROUND:Consolidation treatment with an anti-PD-L1 antibody, durvalumab, following concurrent chemo-radiotherapy (cCRT) has become a new standard of care for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The rationale of PD-L1 blockade after cCRT is based on preclinical evidence suggesting that chemotherapy and radiotherapy up-regulate tumoural PD-L1 expression, which has not been shown in clinical studies.METHODS:To examine alteration in tumoural PD-L1 expression (tumour proportion score, TPS) and density of stromal CD8-positive tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (CD8 + TILs) after cCRT, paired NSCLC samples obtained before and after cCRT were reviewed in comparison with those obtained before and after drug therapy.RESULTS:PD-L1 expression was significantly up-regulated after cCRT (median TPS, 1.0 at baseline versus 48.0 after cCRT; P < 0.001), but not after drug therapy. There was no significant correlation between baseline TPS and post-cCRT TPS. CD8 + TIL density was significantly increased after cCRT (median, 10.6 versus 39.1; P < 0.001), and higher post-cCRT CD8 + TIL density was associated with a higher pathologic response and with a favourable survival (P = 0.019).CONCLUSION:Tumoural PD-L1 expression was up-regulated after cCRT, which provides pathologic rationale for PD-L1 blockade following cCRT to improve prognosis. Stromal CD8 + TIL density was also increased after cCRT, and higher post-cCRT CD8 + TIL density was a favourable prognostic indicator.
DOI 10.1038/s41416-019-0541-3
PMID 31388183